volunteer dermoscopists (skin checkers)

The Lions V Districts Cancer Foundation Inc. continues to call for volunteers to undertake training as a Dermoscopist and to be involved in this highly regarded project.. 

Upon expressing interest, volunteers are registered for training.

The Foundation generously subsidises the training, which is also generously discounted by the providers, but does ask participants to make a contribution in recognition of the fact that they gain a certificated qualification. In return newly trained dermoscopists are asked to make a commitment to the Foundation and to complete at least 4 visits per year for two years. Visits are usually two days in length and accommodation is provided by host clubs.

The Course, delivered by University of Queensland, is a fully online training course collectively known as the Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy.

Acquiring in-depth knowledge in dermoscopy will enable volunteers to assess skin lesions with greater accuracy, detect melanomas in the early stages, and avoid unnecessary excisions.

Presented by global leaders in the field, this three-part program can be considered the most comprehensive dermoscopy online training as it offers the substantial knowledge required to correctly assess a wide range of lesions on any body part, skin type and patient group.

All applicants for the Course will be required to undertake at least one attendance at a screening event prior to any acceptance by HealthCert as a participant in the Course.

The Unit will provide Dermoscopists with handheld dermoscopes and all relevant equipment.

Clients will be given a form noting their consultation/skin check in the visiting van advising of any findings.  If a suspect lesion is identified the client would be recommended to visit their GP for further investigation/action. 

With the Skin Check and Awareness Unit in high demand, we continue to seek new volunteers

We need people willing to commit to support this project serving rural and remote communities, by becoming a trained Dermoscopist (training and supervision provided).

A Professional Advisory Panel will provide a valuable oversight to our activities.

This “ultimate” service will operate across the rural and remote areas of Victoria and Southern NSW, providing full skin screening at no cost to clients.

It truly demonstrates the strength of the Lions organization.

The Unit visits anywhere in the Victoria and Southern NSW, based on requests received and rosters established.

The Unit has 3 consulting rooms and a waiting area; it is self-sufficient with a generator and water supply.

Accommodation for the staff and catering will be arranged by local Lions Clubs.

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