Book a hosting (Lions clubs only)

EXPRESS INTEREST IN hostING a skin check and awareness visit

Lions Clubs in Victoria and Southern NSW are invited to submit an expression of interest to host the Skin Check and Awareness Unit for their area.

Preference will be given to rural and remote areas, as it is deemed that these are the areas of most need when it comes to skin check support and awareness relating to skin cancer.

Host clubs agree to find suitable siting for the unit, publicise and gather appointments for the visit, take care of the volunteers – providing meals and refreshments and sorting any accommodation needs, and assist with COVID Safe practices as required.

Due to complex scheduling and travel requirements, requests for exact dates for visits will, generally, not be able to be accommodated.

Please provide a three month period (e.g. July – September) within which you would like the visit.

Once again, some requests may not be able to be accommodated – the roster coordinator will be in touch with alternatives if available.



Please fill in all details. As the unit will be travelling around Victoria and Southern NSW, exact dates cannot be promised. Please nominate a range of 3 months. 

NOTE: When you click submit, a message in green will appear at the top of the form, so one click is all it takes. If you get a red error message it is most likely that you have not completed a field.